Can we be friends again :D

Hi guys,

Hope some of you still remember me. It’s been years since I wrote here! It’s the usual story of being busy and then never getting the motivation back as the shame of not having posted so long takes over! 😦

But I am back again 🙂 This time with much more motivation than before to pick myself up when I fall. Aaaand so I registered for a website! I would love to have your love and support for me there :

For those of you interested, a small update on what happened with me in the last 3 years.

I finished my Masters after an exchange semester in Hong Kong and got my dream job in Singapore, where I work in Sales & Marketing for an amazing firm. I traveled around for projects to Taiwan and Liechtenstein spending months together in these countries. I also got married to my sweetheart in a typical South Indian style wedding. He is now my official photographer for the new blog 😉

Love birds ;)

This is us from our wedding 2 years back 🙂

Hope to see you in my new blog and pick up from where we left off.



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