My Color Me Run experience, the Ups and Downs!

The last time I played Holi and got dunked in so much color was a long time ago, in the North Indian neighborhood of my tiny hometown while growing up. This Saturday I relived this experience in the streets of Saigon with 6,853 other people in the widely popular Color Me Run event!! It was incredibly refreshing and fun to be like kids for a day and enjoy creating a mess 😀 Though the heat was a bit too much in the afternoon and most of us resorted to walking after an initial run, it was a great evening with friends doing a healthy activity for a change 😉 Continue reading

Cambodia Vs India, is it similar or not?

When I was in Cambodia and ever since I got back, a number of curious souls have asked me whether Cambodia is the same as India. The question isn’t flawed since many ancient Cambodian kings were of Indian origin and you can see Indian influence spread across Cambodian architecture and traditions. Plus, you don’t have a lot of Indians around here for people to really “know” about India, so naturally I become a scapegoat and had to answer this question atleast 15 times 😛 But it was a good food for thought for me as well, and it led me to ponder more about the similarities and differences. Travelling solo pushed me to interact with the local Khmers from whom I tried to understand the life style and culture to my best, so that I could make a fair comparison of the two countries.

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3 Quirky habits of the Vietnamese that I love!

This Sunday was my 2 week anniversary of moving to Vietnam and I celebrated it by spending a quiet afternoon near the Saigon River with a copy of my Lord of the Rings. The cool breeze caressing my face and the presence of many couples-in-love reminded me of the Marina beach in Chennai! 😉 So of course it has entered into my list of favorite places in Ho Chi Minh City. When you move to a different country, there is always a culture shock. For me, it was immense when I moved to Europe but not so much here in Vietnam.

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